Camino Launch Service

This is not a full guide service, but attends only to the three most challenging aspects of Camino planning. 

  1. Deciding on a start point.

  2. Getting to the start point.

  3. Learning the norms of Camino for the first few days.

For $249 plus the cost of your tickets, I provide help so that you can plan the rest of your pilgrimage yourself. For that price, I will provide:

  • Initial consultation to learn how long and how fast you plan to walk, and help you decide on a starting point. 

  • Train/bus tickets to arrive at your starting point, with step-by-step instructions from your airport to starting location. I will also reserve bus/train tickets to get back to your airport after Camino is over.

  • Reservations for the first three nights of albergue stays. 

  • A 30 minute Zoom call to answer questions and give advice on training, equipment, and planning. 


Request Camino Launch!

Jeremiah will follow up within one week.



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